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When I was little, an art table was always a must in my bedroom.  I've recently recovered one of my childhood scetchbooks and was surprised to see that my artwork has circled back to not only the whimsical drawings of my youth (highly influenced by the big eyed Blythe doll I had and adored) but also to the mixed media techniques I so loved. Spending my formative years in the Bay Area/San Francisco was magical and influenced my art to be bold and bright.
Since moving to Vanvouer, I find myself moved to still create whimsical girls, animals and creatures but with a pallette that's sometimes muted sometimes sad.  Must be all the rain and the gigantic trees! 
All the artwork on this site (minus Pixy and Par in clothing) was made in Vancouver.
Creating art is my leap down the rabbit hole, my looking glass.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed making it.   


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